Monday, July 16, 2007

An Imagination, At Last

Our left brained, rule following, has to be first boy has a new passion: being a dog. He is a very fast, loud dog, of course. He has even asked to eat his food like a dog. Ordinarily, I might have considered it. Of course he asked about 10 minutes before we were leaving for church and he was already dressed in his suit and tie. Fancy attire for a little dog =)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Since Rebekah's fall, Isaac has been a bit neglected. He seems to be handling it well and has really stepped up to the plate. He is starting to take the time to show Rebekah how to do things and to help her along. he is still mister 'Must-Be-First", but he is learning. He has matured into eye rolling and glaring. He loves rules and asks questions from morning til night. I told him he has to start writing down some of his questions so I can look up the answers at night. He doesn't seem to keen on that idea. It is strange to think that he is 2 months younger than the youngest student I ever taught. So old. He has recently inherited his cousins old bike and now, look out, here he comes. He spent most of the time camping with his 'safety' on so he could hop on and ride at any time.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I am a Big Kid Now!

Isaac had some very exciting things happen this month. At church he had his first Activity Day, he gave an opening prayer with all of the Primary Children, and then today he gave his very first talk!!!! The topic was the Restoration of the Gospel. Isaac choose to talk about how Prophets have been restored. He helped write it on Saturday night and practiced 4 times. When he got up to do his talk, he was able to say the whole thing with only the first word or 2 of each sentence. It was amazing!
Another great big kid thing was he spent the night at Drake's house. Upon arrival, he skipped and jumped into Drake's house with a casual wave bye to Mom. Kindergarten will probably be a breeze.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Isaac would like to know what a bubble body is made out of. He understands that air in on the inside, but wants to know what is on the outside. Chemicals is the best answer Mommy has, but any help is appreciated=)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Activity Day

Today was Isaac's very first activity day at church. He was concerned before the event started when about 30 children were running around playing tag and running up and down the stairs. He wanted them to stop running and to be nice. He seemed like a normal sunbeam who doesn't have older siblings and has never been allowed to run amok. They celebrated Mother's Day by singing about helping Mommy and how much they love her. Then, they made a beautiful card. Their final activity consisted of lots of games: Mother May I, Red Light Green Light, Throw the Ball Through the Hoop, and Freeze Tag. So when Daddy asked Isaac about the activity day and what he did, Isaac enthusiastically responded with, "We played freeze tag!"

Thursday, May 10, 2007


This morning we made a list of everything we needed to do to get ready for a family Mother's Day Party. When we were finished, Isaac was asked to unload the dishwasher. He promptly responded with, that's not on the list. The situation was quickly rectified and the dishwasher was unloaded =)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Isn't Anyone Coming Over Today

Isaac has decided that he wants his friends to come and visit everyday. He called his one friend on the phone last week to ask if he could come over and within 5 seconds the 2 four year olds had it all figured out. His friend was going to ride his bike over right then. Fortunately the 6:30 pm play date was intercepted by two mommies standing close by. Today when Isaac heard a different friend was going to come over next week he said "No, right now!" He will probably get in trouble for talking too much in school. Wonder where that comes from???=)
Isaac is also having pet issues. While his third fish seems to be living just fine, thanks to daily prayers, he would like more pets. He has accepted the no cat rule (allergies), but the rest of the animals should be permitted. When his ladybug got stuck in the mud a few weeks back, mommy and daddy started keeping their eyes out for a new one. Today a ladybug was spotted! Yeah. Isaac quickly got the new leaves he had conveniently gathered this morning and mommy scooped up the lady bug with a paper cup and everything was set! Until..... Mommy took the napkin off the cup and found the ladybug was having babies at that moment. Now, taking a ladybug out of the grass to be a pet is one thing, but a mommy with babies is another. So habitat lecture came into play again but this time included the mommies take care of babies lecture. He took it pretty well. His Bama has threatened, oh offered, to collect a wild lizard from her backyard for him. All we have to do is catch one fly a day for food. Don't think we will tell Isaac about the offer.

Monday, April 23, 2007

All About Me

I love to eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have a pet fish and 2 frogs. My pet lady bug is dead. My favorite movie is A Bug's Life. My favorite song is Casey Jr. My favorite things to do are: read books, watch movies, go to Disneyland, go to Bama's house, art projects, dig in the dirt, ride bikes, play with my friends. My favorite thing to do with Rebekah is read books to her.